Sat. Feb 17 2018


Israeli occupation demolishes Arab village for 124th time

With heavy bulldozers, Israeli occupation forces destroyed on Wednesday Palestinian village of Al-Araqib in southern Negev region for 123rd time.

HRW: Pence ignored ‘entrenched discrimination’ against Palestinians

Following his speech in Israeli Knesset, Human Rights Watch (HRW) accused US Vice President Mike Pence of ignoring “entrenched discrimination” facing Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem.

Abbas accepts return of US to broker peace process

Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas has told his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi that he would accept US mediation of the peace process.

Pence’s speech in Israeli Knesset ‘gift to extremists’

PLO Secretary Saeb Erekat said yesterday that the address of the US Vice President Mike Pence in the Israeli Knesset is a “gift to extremists,” Anadolu reported.

Racist Israeli MK: State of Israel must ‘be run only by Jews’

Racist, right-wing Israeli MK Miki Zohar, part of the ruling Likud party, has declared that Israel should “be run only by Jews” in remarks reported by right-wing news site Arutz Sheva.

Racist Israeli minister calls Arab MKs ‘traitors’ for interrupting Pence’s speech

An Israeli minister lashed out at Arab Knesset members for raising placards reading “Jerusalem is capital of Palestine” during US Vice President Mike Pence’s speech in Israeli Knesset. Aft

US vice president stresses ‘Jerusalem is Israel’s capital’

US Vice President Mike Pence stressed on US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, pledged the US would relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by the “end of next year.”

Israeli Jewish settlers throw stones in West Bank

Several dozens of Israeli Jewish settlers, who invaded tomb of Palestinian Muslim Imam in the northern West Bank village of Awarta on Sunday, threw stones at Palestinian homes and vehicles.

Palestine takes Israel to ICC over detained children

The Palestinian Authority has submitted complaint to International Criminal Court (ICC) over Israeli violations against Palestinian children.

Netanyahu faces Indian BDS backlash over Bollywood 'selfie'

BDS in India has accused Israel of exploiting Bollywood to improve its global image after Israeli PM took "selfie" on stage with legendary movie star Amitabh Bachchan while visiting Mumbai.

Sources: Arab countries withhold aid to Palestinian Authority

A number of Arab countries, including Gulf states, have refused to transfer aid to Palestinian Authority (PA) after rejection of US peace plan, Palestinian sources revealed on Thursday.

More than 20,000 Palestinians perform Friday prayer at Al-Aqsa

At least 20,000 Palestinian Muslims prayed at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque on Friday despite inclement weather that caused several road accidents in the Palestinian territories.

Israeli forces shot, wound 8 Gaza protesters

Israeli occupation forces shot wounded on Friday eight Palestinian protesters across eastern borders of the Gaza Strip, medical sources in Gaza said.

French municipality recognises Palestine state

The municipality of Gennevilliers, a northern suburb of Paris, has decided to recognise the state of Palestine, citing a 2014 French parliament vote.

US cancels $45M payment pledged for Palestinian refugees’ food aid

The United States will not pay $45 million in food aid for Palestinian refugees it pledged last month as part of West Bank/Gaza Emergency Appeal led by UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

Israeli Jewish settlers vandalise Palestinian vehicles in Jerusalem

Israeli Jewish settlers damaged and vandalised on Wednesday Palestinian vehicles in Jerusalem village of Beit Eksa; locals said they are members of “extremist settlers’ group Price Tag.”

Israeli forces murder Palestinian youth in West Bank

Israeli occupation forces murdered on Wednesday night Palestinian youth inside his house in the town of Jenin in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian health officials said.

For 5th time, Israel extends jailed teen’s detention

An Israeli court on Wednesday extended the detention of 16-year-old Palestinian girl Ahed al-Tamimi until January 31, for the fifth time since her abduction.

Ahed al-Tamimi should stay in prison as she might slap again, Israeli ethicist

Israel’s greatest ethical authority Professor Asa Kasher has called for keeping Ahed al-Tamimi in prison because she might slap another Israeli soldier in the future.


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