Sun. Oct 21 2018


Israel turns West Bank into toxic waste dump

The Israeli occupation has turned the occupied Palestinian West Bank into a massive landfill for dangerous and toxic wastes since 1967, the Anadolu Agency revealed on Friday.

Israel to build 20,000 new housing units in Jerusalem

The Israeli authorities have approved plans to build 20,000 new settlement units throughout Greater Jerusalem, Israeli media reported Wednesday.

Report: Palestine unemployment up to 41% in 2017

Unemployment among youth aged 15-29 years in the Palestinian territories has increased from 30.7 per cent in 2007 to 41 per cent in 2017, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics revealed on Monday.

Lieberman: War on Gaza a matter of time

It is only a matter of time before Israel launches a new offensive against the Gaza Strip, Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on monday.

MoH: 8,260 patients at risk after cancer treatment runs out in Gaza

Some 8,260 in the besieged Gaza Strip are unable to access chemotherapy treatment after zdrugs needed ran out as a result of the siege, Palestinian health ministry revealed yesterday.

Paramedic Abdullah al Qatati when he was announced dead while in the ICU.

Israel killed 3 Palestinians in Gaza, including paramedic

Israeli occupation forces killed on Friday three Palestinian protesters, including paramedic during the protests of Great March of Return in Gaza Strip, medical sources said.

Gaza under attack: Israeli airstrikes wound 20, destroy cultural centre

At least 20 Palestinian civilians were wounded in two Israeli airstrikes targeted the largest cultural centre in the Gaza Strip on Thursday evening, Palestinian medical sources said.

UN: ‘Well-being of 2 million’ in Gaza at stake as emergency fuel runs dry

To avert hospital closures, raw sewage overflowing onto streets of Gaza, UN Humanitarian Coordinator on Wednesday called on Israeli occupation to allow UN-purchased emergency fuel the besieged enclave.

Three Palestinians, including pregnant mother killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza

Pregnant mother, her daughter and 30-year-old man were killed in heavy Israeli airstrikes on Gaza Strip during Wednesday-Thursday night, medical sources said. Several wounded.

Several Palestinians wounded in a series of Israeli airstrikes in Gaza

A number of Palestinian civilians wounded in series of Israeli airstrikes in Gaza arrived in hospitals, Palestinian medical sources said.

Israel interrogates US Jewish activists over 'connections with Palestinians'

Israeli security services held and interrogated Simone Zimmerman, a US Jewish activist, at the border with Egypt for several hours on Sunday over “connections with Palestinians.”

Israeli tanks bomb Gaza, kill 2 youths

Israeli occupation tanks bombed on Tuesday morning the east of the Gaza Strip and killed two Palestinian youths, Palestinian security sources said.

Israel attacks, captures second Gaza-bound aid ship

Israeli occupation navy attacked and captured the second Gaza-bound aid ship named Freedom which aiming to break the illegal 12-year siege on the Strip yesterday morning.

Israeli snipers kill 2 protesters, wounds 220 others in Gaza

Israeli occupation snipers killed two Palestinian protesters and wounded 220 others, including nine with serious injuries, during protests of Great March of Return on Friday.

Dareen Tatour sentenced to five months in prison over poem

An Israeli court has sentenced Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour to five months in prison for "inciting terrorism" in a poem she posted on social media.

Israel detains Italian artists for painting Ahed Tamimi's mural

Israeli occupation forces on Saturday detained two Italian artists for painting mural of Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi on the separation barrier that snakes through the occupied West Bank.

Israel bans Gaza families from visiting detainees

Israeli occupation authorities have announced a temporary suspension of all family visits from Gaza to Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons beginning today.

Israeli navy hijacks Freedom Flotilla boat carrying medical supplies to Gaza

Israeli occupation navy hijacked on Sunday afternoon Al-Awda Boat, part of the Freedom Flotilla carrying medical aid to Gaza Strip, which has been under12-year-old Israeli siege.

Palestinian girl Ahed Tamimi freed from jail

Palestinian teen activist Ahed Tamimi has been released from Israeli prison after completing an eight-month sentence in a case that sparked international condemnation.


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