Fri. Dec 14 2018


Insulting Merkel, Israeli minister: You should mind your business

Israeli Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev has called on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to mind country’s business and not to mention the demolition of the Palestinian village of Khan Al-Ahmar.

Israeli snipers killed 3 protesters, including child, injured 375 others

Israeli occupation snipers shot dead on Friday three Palestinians while taking part in protests of Great March of Return in Gaza, and wounded more the 375 others.

Ohio billboard tells Americans about aid to Israel

A billboard has just gone up in Ohio that says: “$10 million a day to Israel? We need that money in America. Paid for by”

Report: 90% of Gazans have no access to safe sources of drinking water

Some 89 per cent of the population of Gaza does not have access to safe drinking water, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) announced on Tuesday.

Israel settlers flood Khan Al-Ahmar with waste water

Israeli settlers yesterday flooded Khan Al-Ahmar with waste water, storming the Palestinian Bedouin village and confronting residents.

Israel shoots 78-year-old Palestinian in Gaza

Israeli occupation forces shot dead on Tuesday at night 78-year-old Palestinian man in the east of Al-Maghazi Refugee Camp in central besieged Gaza Strip.

‘Problem in Mideast began with creation of Israel,’ Malaysian president says

Malaysian President Mahathir Mohammad linked on Tuesday the problems in the Middle East to the creation of Israel.

Amnesty International: Israel must lift Gaza’s 11-year-old siege

Amnesty International stressed on Tuesday that 11-year-old strict Israeli siege imposed on Gaza must be lifted, millions of Palestine refuges must be allowed to go home.

General strike in Palestine against Israeli racist law

Palestinians in occupied Palestine (Israel) and occupied territories carried out on Monday general strike, protesting against Israeli racist law which turns Israel to state only for Jews.

Holocaust no excuse for Israel’s ‘apartheid policy in Palestine’

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in an interview broadcast Sunday that the Holocaust cannot be used “as a justification for an apartheid policy in Palestine.”

Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi honoured by football giants Real Madrid

Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian teenager jailed for eight months for slapping an Israeli solider, was honoured on Saturday by Spanish football giants Real Madrid.

Palestine sues US at international court over Jerusalem embassy

Palestine filed a complaint against the United States with the United Nations top court over Washington's decision to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

UN: Israel killed 12 Palestinians, wounded over 1,000 in 2 weeks

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) revealed on Saturday that Israeli occupation killed 12 Palestinians, wounded more than 1,000 others in the last two weeks.

An open letter to Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel

Why did not Belgian prime minister ask Israeli occupation to immediately and unconditionally release Belgian citizen who has been in Israeli jails for a couple of months without trial?

Report: Israel denies 2,000 Palestinians entry based on their family names

Over the past two years, more than 2,000 people have been impacted by a decision to revoke entry permits to Israel from Palestinians who share a name with someone who has carried out a resistance attack.

Corbyn says Labour government would recognise independent state of Palestine

A Labour government would recognise an independent state of Palestine “as soon as we take office”, Jeremy Corbyn has said.

Israeli snipers kill Palestinian protester, wound 100 others

Israeli occupation snipers killed on Monday one Palestinian protester and wounded 100 others during their participation in the sea protests of the Great March of Return.

Irish FM: Ireland may 'recognise' Palestine if talks keep failing

Ireland may recognize Palestine as a state if talks over a two-state solution with Israel keep failing, the Irish foreign minister said Saturday.

Israeli occupation kills Palestinian youth, wounds 21 others

Israeli occupation forces murdered on Monday night peaceful Palestinian demonstrator and wounded 21 in the east of the Gaza City, medical sources said.


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