Tue. Dec 12 2017


Israel expands military base in Al-Khalil

Israeli occupation forces are continuing to expand the military area it established 16 years ago in Al-Khalil, Palestinian sources have said.

Palestinians to appeal over Israeli settlement teams

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) will hear an appeal on Monday against FIFA's response to a complaint Palestinians lodged against the Israeli football league.

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Israel abducts 22 Palestinians in West Bank raids

Israeli occupation forces rounded up 22 Palestinians in overnight raids in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian and Israeli sources said.

US ‘blackmails’ PA to accept ‘deal of the century’

US Administration has recently refused to renew the licence of PLO’s office in Washington unless it stops prosecuting Israel before international courts and starts unconditional peace talks.

EU statement ‘deplores’ Israeli demolitions of Palestinian structures

The European Union (EU) has “deplore[d]” the demolition and seizure of Palestinian structures by the Israeli occupation, citing threats to entire communities in the occupied West Bank.

Israel bans sale of construction material to Palestinians in Al-Naqab

The Israeli occupation has warned companies about selling construction materials to Palestinian Arabs living in villages “unrecognised” by the government, Arabs48.com reported on Sunday.

Israeli official under fire for comments on American Jews’ military service

Top Israeli diplomat was rebuked by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday for suggesting that American Jews have a poor commitment to service in the US military.

NGO: 3,613 Palestinians killed in Syria since 2011

A total of 3,613 Palestinians have been killed in Syria since the outbreak of the country’s civil war in 2011, the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria (AGPS) has revealed.  In a statement released Thursday,

REVEALED: UK universities accused of closing down free speech on Palestine

British universities have been accused of threatening free speech on issues such as Palestine by insisting on tough yet ill-defined rules that events must be chaired by approved "independent" moderators.

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Israeli forces shoot, injure German activist in West Bank

Israeli occupation forces shot, wounded German activist during weekly march in occupied village of Bil’in, west of central West Bank city of Ramallah.

Israeli forces shoot, arrest 2 Gazans

Israeli occupation forces shot and injured Palestinian and arrested another on Wednesday near security fence between blockaded Gaza Strip and Israel.

Israeli loses $500m arms deal with India

The Indian defence ministry has cancelled a military deal with the Israeli defence technology firm, Rafael Advanced Defence Systems, worth $500 million, local media reported on Monday.

Israel minister: It’s time to recognise the West Bank ‘as Israel’

Israeli minister Naftali Bennett has reiterated his call for the occupied West Bank to be formally annexed, speaking on Monday evening at an event organised by pro-settler news site Arutz Sheva.

John Kerry: Israel has no interest in peace with the Palestinians

Former US Secretary of State, John Kerry, launched another attack on Israel by claiming that the government in Tel Aviv has no interest in fostering peace with the Palestinians.

Israel officials prepare for mass demolition in occupied East Jerusalem

Israeli officials from the Jerusalem municipality and police examined five buildings in the Kafr Aqab neighbourhood of occupied East Jerusalem yesterday, in preparation for their demolition.

Israel fines Palestinian prisoners $18m over killing of Israelis in 2001

The Israeli District Court in Jerusalem has ordered the Palestinian Authority (PA) and six Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails to pay NIS62m ($18m) in compensation for Israeli settlers killed in 2001.

UN calls on Israel to stop destroying Palestinian property, respect law

Senior UN official called on Friday for Israeli occupation to stop destroying Palestinian property and respect international law.

Israel demolishes Palestinian Bedouin village for 121st time

Israeli occupation authorities demolished on Thursday morning the Bedouin village of al-Araqib in Al-Naqab desert in southern Israel for the 121st time, leaving all the families in the village homeless.

The mosque after it was demolished.

Israel orders Muslim worshipers to pay $37,000 after destroying mosque

Israeli occupation authorities ordered Muslim worshipers to pay NIS130,000 ($37,000) seven years after destroying their mosque in Rahat, south of Israel.


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