Sat. Mar 23 2019


Do not forget Israeli war crimes in Gaza

After eight weeks on the start of the savage Israeli massacre in the Gaza Strip, these pictures will make you remember that Israeli occupation committed war crimes.

Gazans went back to the sea

After the end of the 51-day savage Israeli war, thousands of the Gazans surged towards the sea, which is the only natural place where they can connect with the nature.

Victory celebrations in Gaza

Thousands of Palestinians took to the streets on Tuesday evening celebrating victory of Palestinian fighters over the Israeli occupation forces.

#GazaUnderAttack, Live Blog (closed)

Hamas officially announced the Israeli attack on Al-Dalou house last night was aimed at killing its military mastermind Mohamed Deif.

Thousands fled homes as Israeli war resumes

As the Israeli occupation forces violated the 24-hour truce, last chance to negotiate lasting ceasefire, thousands of Gazans fled their homes fearing new massacres.

Killer turns to art in Gaza

A group of Palestinian artists have decided to change the source of death in the Gaza Strip into a source of life and happiness.

Death toll of Israeli war on Gaza tops 2,000

Death toll of the savage Israeli war on the Gaza Strip rose above 2,000 on Monday as more wounded pass away.


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