Fri. Dec 14 2018


Israel's Supreme Court: Liberal bastion or an enforcer of injustice?

It is routinely hailed as Israel's last line of defence against ultra-nationalist legislation. But does the country's Supreme Court deserve its reputation as an upholder of liberal values?

What justice looks like for those who kill Palestinians

Ever since she was arrested in the middle of the night late last December, 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi has been held in Israeli custody, while most Israelis who killed Palestinians were not brought to courts at all.

It is not Hamas, but Israel which incites violence

Facts speak for themselves. How Israeli propaganda groups and Israeli officials distort facts about Palestinians, their legitimate resistance to lead international community to turn blind eye to Israeli crimes.

How Britain Destroyed the Palestinian Homeland

A Palestinian refugee, no international journalist, whose parents and grandparents were forced out of their homes by the Zionist gangs, speaks about how the UK was involved in destroying Palestine.

The Palestinian tale of the Green Line

A novel written by a talented female Palestinian novelist who narrates tales of Palestinian pains. Reading it makes the Palestinians feel the real homesickness to the homeland.

Those who exploit Palestinian rights make a noise about exploitation

The absence of the Palestinian Authority from the White House conference on humanitarian situation in Gaza keeps up with the US and Israeli aims of the farcical gathering.

Palestinian woman between bitterness of occupation and dream of freedom

Mahmoud Darwish, a Palestinian poet summed up what I need to say about the Palestinian woman with the words “Mother, I will not name you a woman, I will name you everything.”

Palestine is no longer a priority for the Arab world

When it is carrying any aggressive attacks against the Palestinians and their properties, Israel occupation feels it is immunised against the Arabs and Muslims’ responses.

Guatemala’s appropriation of the concept of return

Guatemalan president “extended an invitation to other countries” from Europe and Latin America to mover the embassies of their countries to occupied Jerusalem.

Zionist goals scored on the Arab pitch

The Egyptian regime president claimed he scored a goal against Israel by signing the deal to purchase gas stolen from the occupied Palestine. The real fact was that the Israelis scored big goal in the Arab pitch.

Apocalyptic Gaza throws the Beast from the East into perspective

If Gaza residents survive the cold or hunger or lack of clean water, there’s always the threat of being wiped out by bullets, bombs and missiles courtesy of the occupation state of Israel.

This is the writer’s daughter making a card for Ahed Tamimi celebration her 17th birthday in Texas 2018.

The Palestinian olive tree and Ahed Tamimi

Dear Ahed Tamimi, I would like to dedicate this article to you. Sending you love and Solidarity, We stand with you and with all Palestinian prisoners.

Between urgency and vague comments, Palestinians’ rights are being depleted

Humanitarian aid is a powerful weapon and one that is being used by Israel, the US, the PA and the UN to trap Palestinians into navigating parts of the planned deprivation system that they are experiencing.

The need for a Palestinian history from below

The 1993 Oslo Accord is a critical juncture that shattered the cohesiveness of Palestinian discourse and weakened and divided the Palestinian people, but it is not too late to remedy this.

From father to son: How Palestinian struggle is passed from one generation to the next

In August 2002, two years into the Second Intifada, Israeli forces closed in on a local Hamas leader in the West Bank village of Tubas near Jenin.

Palestine refugees: ‘Return us to our homes before closing UNRWA’

Palestine refugees feel that latest American and Israeli action against UN Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) aimed at liquidating their issue and “killing” right to return.

Trump blunders with US terror listing of Hamas leader Haniyeh

Labelling Hamas top leader as “global terrorist” by the United States proves that Donald Trump has little understanding of the Middle East politics and the people who live there.

Israel welcomes Nazis while banning pro-Palestinian Jews

Zionists are currently allies with Neo-Nazis and Fascists and they do not care about it. This what exactly happened during WWII when they allied Nazis and had a deal to send Jews to Palestine.

Palestinian leadership should retire gracefully or be removed by the people

During the last Palestinian National Council meeting in Ramallah, President Mahmoud Abbas made reference to football when describing some of the Palestinian achievements in recent years.


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