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The Gaza protests show that non-violent resistance will triumph

Non-violent popular resistance is not new to the Palestinian people. It was practised in the famous six-month civil disobedience strike of 1936 and reached an impressive level during the First Intifada, forcing the Israeli government to negotiate


8 things I learned about Palestine while touring 8 Western nations

On 20 February, I embarked on a global book tour that has, thus far, taken me to eight nations. The main theme of all my talks in various cultural, academic and media platforms was the pressing need to refocus the discussion on Palestine on the st

Jerusalem will never be off the table

Ben Gurion, the first Israeli prime minister, in 1948 said: “We must do everything to insure the Palestinians never do return. The old will die and the young will forget.”

Are Israeli snipers who shoot Palestinian protesters in Gaza really protecting their border?

Israeli snipers have been shooting Palestinian protesters within the Gaza Strip, claiming that, in doing so, they are protecting Israel’s borders and sovereignty. Is their claim genuine? Since 30 March, hundred

Tower of the Stork, book review

Dima Al-Samman is a contemporary Palestinian-Jerusalemite novelist. She was born and raised in occupied Jerusalem and earned her bachelor’s degree in linguistics from Birzeit University.

Will Palestine refugees really go back home?

Palestine refugees have been waiting for the implementation of UN Resolution 194 which stipulates their return to their homes, but they will not wait for the international community to carry out this mission forever.

PA hypocrisy is exposed on Palestinian Prisoners’ Day

Last year, Palestinian Prisoners’ Day was marked by the initiation of a mass hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails, led by Marwan Barghouti.

From Deir Yassin to the Great Return March, Palestinians have been massacred

At a time when South Africa is mourning the passing of the country’s beloved icon of the freedom struggle Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, the world is reeling from yet more evidence of Israel’s brutality.

‘Western media’ and mass deception

“Gaza-Israel border: Clashes ‘leave 16 Palestinians dead and hundreds injured’.” That is a typical BBC headline when Israeli soldiers start killing, with coldblooded precision, defenceless Palestinians.

Why Israel Feels Threatened by Popular Resistance in Palestine

Why did Israel kill many unarmed Gaza protesters and wound over 2,000 on Friday, March 30 and on the following days, when they clearly posed no threat to Israeli soldiers?

MBS is not hypocrite, but heading to the throne through Jewish gate

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed ben Salman is coaxing Zionists, pro-Israeli allies and the United State to pave his way towards the throne of the Saudi royal family.

Palestinian struggle is being attacked by a digital occupation

Palestinians, their supporters were happy to find their way to the world through social media, but their happiness did not last too long as social medial platforms launched fierce wars on the Palestinian content.

Gideon Levy: The Israel Massacre Forces

The death counter ticked away wildly. One death every 30 minutes. Again. Another one. One more. Israel was busy preparing for the seder night. TV stations continued broadcasting their nonsense.

The failures of Western reporting in Gaza

by Vijay Prashad If you are a Western journalist and you have to report from Gaza, the best thing to do is to trea

Palestinian activist family on Palestine Land Day

Tasaheel Burnat is a symbol of the Palestinian woman who resists the occupation alongside with her family. She was subject to violence many times, her husband was jailed, 3 of her sons were arrested while under 18.

Great March of Return: a new defiance campaign

In a remarkably fresh approach in resistance to Israel’s seven decades of colonialism, Palestinians have geared up to mobilize en masse in what has been dubbed as Great March of Return.

Palestine Land Day: A day to resist and remember

For Palestinians, Land Day presents an opportunity not only to mark a past event, but also to think about creative and resilient ways to further resist Israeli land theft. Forty-two years ago today, Israeli police s

As Palestinians mark Land Day, confiscation of their lands continues

“This land gives us all that makes life worth living,” said Mahmoud Darwish in his famous poem “Palestine.” The phrase is an accurate representation of the role land plays in the collective Palestinian mindset, wher

UK is worried about Israeli mistreatment of Palestinian children.. Is it a joke?

UK said it was worried about Israeli mistreatment of Palestinian children inside Israeli jails, but it remains unwilling to change this miserable reality.


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