Sat. Jun 23 2018


Palestinian leaders must be brave and bold

Instead of staying idle or working against political rival Hamas in Gaza, PLO leadership meeting in Ramallah on Sunday must take a brave step to deter the US measure on Jerusalem.

Why Sisi is Israel's choice

Current Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, who came to power via a military coup against the first-ever freely elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, is Israel’s beloved.

With PA delays and Israeli threats, Gaza is heading into the unknown

Israel, PA and Egypt had made Hamas’ giving up control of Gaza the main condition to lift the 11-year-old siege. When Hamas gave up, they tightened the siege and people became unable to survive.

EU response to Israel’s ‘death penalty for Palestinians’ bill is painfully weak

Israel Knesset passed first reading of death penalty bill early this week. The writer criticises the dead response of the EU, which, if in another country, would have caused massive uproar.

Israel step closer to making Jerusalem Jewish-only city

The Israeli Knesset approval of the ‘United Jerusalem Bill’ two days ago was the last Israeli measures ahead of reaching a Jewish-only Palestinians city.

Lorde set an example to follow for young celebrities

In the growing tide of support for the cultural boycott of Israel, New Zealand music star Lorde's decision to cancel her Tel Aviv concert is precedent-setting in many ways.

The UN is another lost battle for the Palestinians

The Palestinian Authority is heading to another UN battle although it is sure that all the UN battles are lost as no one would help implementing them if they are against the Israeli occupation.

Palestinians are winning the online battle for Jerusalem

Social media platforms are proving a powerful tool in the hands of Palestinian citizen journalists hoping to reshape their narrative, writes Yousef al-Helou.

The PA shapes facts on the ground, for Israel’s benefit

It is very strange that the Palestinian Authority has been persistent to deceive the Palestinians, claiming it is working for their benefit, while in fact, it is working for Israel’s benefit.

It's personal: How Trump betrayed both Abbas and Abdullah of Jordan

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas and Jordanian King Abdullah have facilitated Israeli occupation for the sake of maintaining East Jerusalem, but Trump turned the table up-side down.

Thirty years in the company of Hamas

Since it was established as a Palestinian movement dedicated to fight the Israeli occupation, Hamas is still sticking to its principles and even formed an obstacle to today’s Trump deal of the century.

Towards a new Palestinian beginning

Now that the American mask has completely fallen, Palestinians require an urgent rethink in their own political priorities, alliances and national liberation strategy.

Israeli security interests dominate EU diplomacy

EU says it is not consent with the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but insists that it would work for maintaining Israel’s interests, especially security interests.

Legal status of Jerusalem

The Palestinian Jerusalem is a city of peace, not politics. Jerusalem is equally holy to all Muslims, Christians and Jews. Crazy American President Donald Trump violated its holiness.

Why did Trump announce Jerusalem a capital of Israel at this time?

Befor he had decided to announce Jerusalem a Jewish city and Israel's capital, Trump was sure that the Arabs, the Muslims and the Palestinians would do nothing but some outrageous remarks and protests.

Palestinian leaders should stop discussing Jerusalem within context of negotiations

If Jerusalem is really as much important for the Palestinian leaders as they claim, they should change their language and follow the footstep of the Palestinian people.

Susiya village has become a real test of Israel’s moral fibre

Will Israel respect the international calls to abandon its plans to demolish the Palestinian village of Susiya or go ahead as usual in its criminal policies?!

Pro-Israel lobbyists really must question their own morality

It became a ‘natural fact’ that any organisation or person does not support Israeli crimes to be classified as anti-Semite or even anti-human rights.

It’s time the international community stood up for Palestinian children

The policy of the international world, which gives a blind eye for the Israeli violations against the Palestinians, encourages the Israelis to carry out more crimes.


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