Fri. Dec 14 2018


Gaza is the Israeli arms industry’s testing ground

Israeli occupation tests the arms produced by its factories on the Palestinian in Gaza in order to prove they are effective and lethal.

Will the US measures against Palestinians stop Abbas’ measures against them?

The US, which is the enemy of justice, imposed punitive measures on the oppressed Palestinians in order to please the Zionists. Will this push the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to stand beside them?

Can Hamas walk the fine line between deterrence and escalation?

More than a month has passed since the last significant exchange of fire between the Israeli military and Palestinian factions in the occupied Gaza Strip.

Remembering the Arafat-Rabin handshake

Twenty-five years after the Oslo Peace Accords, which brought an end to the Intifada of Rocks in Palestine, the Palestinians had a very big zero of their rights.

The two-state solution: Decline or death?

In a radio interview this week, one of the ministers of the right-wing Likud party said, “the two-state solution is dead”. This is the latest of a slew of Israeli statements related surrounding the revival of the so-called Confederacy solution with Jordan.

Why is Israel still part of the UN?

Israel has violated 40 UN Security Council and over 100 General Assembly Resolutions; could someone please tell me, why is Israel still part of the UN?

Israel seeks to make illegal the raising of Palestinian flag

In their latest attempt to strip Palestinians of their fundamental right to freedom of expression, Israel seeks to make illegal the raising of the Palestinian flag in occupied Palestine –punishable by up to one-year imprisonment.

Israeli army committed war crimes on Black Friday

Israeli military advocate claimed that investigations carried out into killing between 135 and 200 Palestinian citizens in three hours 2014 in Gaza did not find any criminal wrongdoings –an outcome came against all international rights groups’ findings.

A new Israeli campaign against Corbyn

Israeli occupation state recently announced that Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the British Labour Party, is an enemy of Israel and an anti-Semite. It also said things about him that even a drunk wouldn’t say.

Israel takes out ‘BDS insurance’ to protect Eurovision

There’s perhaps no greater barometer to measure the lengths to which Israel will go to defame, attack and sabotage the global movement for Palestinian rights than its attitude towards BDS.

Israel’s siege of Gaza is anything but legal

Israeli occupation army and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tell lies about their 12-year-old siege imposed on Gaza. They claim the siege keeps up with international law to justify their attack on freedom boats.

Jerusalem Post makes a mockery of free speech

Leading Israeli newspaper fired its cartoonist after comparing Netanyahu with pigs in the wake of Israeli Knesset approval of new Israeli apartheid law.

Trump has given Israel a licence to kill

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are being killed by Israel on an almost daily basis. Thousands more have been killed and wounded in Israel’s military offensives against the civilians in the coastal enclave.

UN’s divisive tactics will not alienate Palestinians from their right of return

Nobody takes the UN seriously anymore. It has bred an array of detractors from across the entire political spectrum while continuing to function as an organisation that facilitates the continuation of violence.

Israel wants to kill Palestinians silently

Israeli occupation wants to carry out crimes against the Palestinians without having anyone saying anything. If someone discloses Israeli crimes, he is anti-Semite and laws are constituted against him.

How Israel silences Palestine in EU circles

Israeli propaganda machine works internationally to undermine the role of the Palestinian NGOs which discloses Israeli violation of international law and maintain well-being of Palestinian people.

Israel the first country to kill children using US-made F35 fighters

Israeli occupation state is the first country to use the US-made F-35 fighter jets to kill people –two innocent Palestinian children in Gaza Strip.

When peaceful protests, reporting Israeli violations are crimes, personal account

As a Palestinian whose father was displaced from Al-Ramla, I consider taking part in the Great March of Return a duty. As a journalist, regardless of the dangers, reporting on Israeli violations is my job.

Who killed Razan Al-Najjar?

Israel often faces accusations that its soldiers routinely commit acts which many lawyers and human rights groups deem to be war crimes and crimes against humanity. Killing Razan al-Najjar is an example.


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