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The reality about ‘we want to live’ riots in Gaza

On 14 March, scores of Palestinians in the starving Gaza Strip took to the streets in several cities carrying the slogan “We Want to Live”, calling for “equality, dignity, food and job opportunities.” That day passed quietl

Normalizing violence takes precedence over targeted assassinations

One outcome is certain when it comes to the forthcoming Israeli elections – Gaza will remain a top target for the new government. Amid the sparring between contenders for the elections, former IDF chief Benny Gantz declared he would

Debunking the myth of Labour’s ‘anti-Semitism crisis’

Pro-Israel groups aided by the mainstream media have led the assault on the Labour Party over its handling of allegations of anti-Semitism. Their goal, it seems, is no less than the removal of Jeremy Corbyn as leader with the unfounded cla

Remapping of Palestine: Why Israel’s erasure of Palestinian culture will not succeed

“Everything Palestinian in Jerusalem is targeted by Israeli occupation,” 

The Palestinians have won this round in the fight for Al-Rahma Gate

Last Friday, Palestinian worshippers removed an iron barricade placed in front of Al-Rahma Gate (Bab Al-Rahma, the Gate of Mercy), one of the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, and reopened a prayer space which was closed by an Israeli military ord

War in Al-Aqsa: What Price Netanyahu’s Victory

While the blood of Palestinians is irrelevant in Netanyahu’s quest for political dominance, the international community should take immediate measures to prevent what could become an Israeli-induced bloodbath in the coming weeks.

Head of Hamas’ political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh

Why is Egypt disallowing Haniyeh’s foreign tour?

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh left the Gaza Strip for Egypt on 3 February on a visit that was supposed to last for several days. It is now entering its fourth week amid leaks that he is in intensive talks with the Egyptian intelligence to allow him

Palestinian farmers inspect the damage done to their olive trees by Israeli settlers

War on nature: How Zionist colonialism has destroyed the environment in Palestine

The latest casualties in the war on the environment in Palestine were 450 olive trees destroyed last week by Israeli army bulldozers. The destruction of the Palestinian-owned trees took place in the villages of

Israel soldiers fire tear gas at Palestinian demonstrators in the West Bank city of Hebron on 16 November 2012

On US imperialism, Israel is more attack dog than client state

One particularly frank imperialist described the logic of the hoped-for British patronage of the Zionist movement, as the empire stood on the brink of occupying Palestine in 1917. This movement would ultimately go onto wipe Palestine off t

Was Malaysia right to ban Israeli athletes?

Last month the Malaysian government announced its decision to ban Israeli athletes from entering the country to contest in an international swimming competition that was to be held in Kuching, Sarawak. This decision drew heavy criticism from Israe

Israeli Propaganda Isn't Fooling Anyone – Except Israelis

'Hasbara' is the Israeli euphemism for propaganda, and there are some things, said the late ambassador Yohanan Meroz, that are not 'hasbarable.' One of them is Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

Palestine, the Women's March, and imperial feminism

Recent assaults on the reputation of Women's March cochair and prominent black American activist Tamika Mallory demonstrate, yet again, that speaking even the most basic truths about Israel and Palestine is a hazardous undertaking.

Israel’s treatment of Palestinian prisoners must be exposed

Palestinian prisoners experience had conditions inside Israeli jails as they are kept in crowded and difficult conditions and face a lack of adequate nutrition and poor medical treatment.

Remembering Israeli 2008 offensive on Gaza

What: Israel waged a three-week military offensive against the Gaza Strip, killing almost 1,400 Palestinians and wounding thousands more.

Palestinians have a legal right to armed struggle

Long ago, it was settled that resistance and even armed struggle against a colonial occupation force is not just recognised under international law but specifically endorsed.

Nikki Haley, eat your heart out, Palestinians will prevail!

The US ambassador to the UN is remoted controlled by Tel Aviv whether he/she is Nikki Haley, Heather Nauert or anyone else.

While Israel kills, the US condemns Hamas

Israeli occupation has been killing Palestinians, wounding them and driving them out of their lands, while the international community and mainly the US hail it and condemn the Palestinians.

Information war between Palestinian resistance and Israel heats up after botched raid

The war between Hamas (which leads the Palestinian resistance) and Israel is now also being fought online. Israel's recently failed attack on Gaza was an important victory for Hamas.

British Palestinian MP slaps down Trump

Layla Moran, the first British Member of Parliament of Palestinian descent, has urged the UK to “step up to the plate and lead” over the issue of Palestine given that the US President “can now in no way be considered an honest broker.”


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