Tue. Apr 23 2019


Netanyahu has lost the freedom of speech game

In an attempt to persuade the media, diplomats and academics that he was true to ban Al-Jazeera, Israeli PM foolishly took a measure that spoiled his plan.

The story of Al Araqeeb is the story of Palestine

In this piece, the writer proves that Israeli measures against small villages remained in occupied Palestine is similar to same measures taken before the occupation.

Israel is a ‘democratic state’ built on undemocratic principles

The write is comparing the claims of the Israeli officials that Israel is a democratic state with the democratic principles to see whether they are right or wrong.

Abbas, Israel pull power plug on war-torn Gaza

The writer describes exactly what is happening in the Gaza Strip and who actually standing behind this tragedy.

In Gaza, my child died before my eyes

Wisam, a 6-year-old boy, coughs harshly as his father watches over his bed. Wisam has cystic fibrosis; Gaza’s hospitals lack the enzyme treatments he needs to stay alive.

Gazans have no alternative to polluted beaches

In the peak of the roasted summer heatwave, Gazans flock to their polluted beaches in droves because they have no alternatives.

What happened when I needed minor surgery in Gaza?

It was a very bitter experience to go through the same suffering of other patients who are being affected by the strict Israel siege on Gaza Strip.

Starved of power, Gazans suffer oppressive heatwave

During the current heatwave, Gaza residents, who do not have electricity to cool themselves off due to Israeli siege, are struggling to survive.

Gaza newborns fight for life as PA suspends referrals

PA has stopped medical treatment referrals for Palestinian patients in the Gaza Strip as a punishing measure for unseating Hamas.

Israel’s Six-Day War started with a lie

Fifty years ago, between June 5 and June 10, 1967, Israel invaded and occupied East Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights.

Are Israeli terms on criminals applicable on Israeli criminals?

Israeli Housing and Construction Minister Yoav Galant said that Bashar al-Assad has no place in this world over his crimes, what about Israeli criminals?

Timeline: Israel’s anti-Palestinian laws since 1948

Here is a timeline for the anti-Palestinian Israeli laws approved by the Israeli Knesset (parliament) since 1948. These laws deteriorated the life of the Palestinians.

Gaza patients main victims for lack of electricity

In this feature, the writer go through dangers facing more than 5,000 patients with chronic diseases or in ICUs due to lack of electricity.

Ahmed loses his sight under Israel-Egyptian siege on Gaza

In this feature, the writer traces the dangerous effects of the Israeli White Phosphorous Bombs on the health of the Palestinian children.

UK feels proud of causing grief of Palestinians

British government feels proud of causing grief of Palestinians as it has emphatically refused to apologise for its promise to give Palestinian to Zionists.

Abbas, Trump and the illusions of peace

The PA, PLO leadership did not learn from history they have not benefited from former US administrations, while they are currently running after current administration seeing it as their saviour.

Amnesty: Israel must end cruelty against prisoners

Israeli must end “unlawful and cruel” policies practiced against Palestinian prisoners in its jails, Amnesty International said on Thursday.

There are no safe spaces for Palestinians in Israel

An experience of a Palestinian at an Israeli university who is automatically looked at as a suspect in the eyes of the occupation authorities.

Palestinians live in caves as Israel destroys their homes

In this story, the writer describes the misery of the life of the Palestinians whom the Israeli occupation razed their homes turned to live in caves.


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