Tue. Jan 22 2019


UK feels proud of causing grief of Palestinians

British government feels proud of causing grief of Palestinians as it has emphatically refused to apologise for its promise to give Palestinian to Zionists.

Abbas, Trump and the illusions of peace

The PA, PLO leadership did not learn from history they have not benefited from former US administrations, while they are currently running after current administration seeing it as their saviour.

Amnesty: Israel must end cruelty against prisoners

Israeli must end “unlawful and cruel” policies practiced against Palestinian prisoners in its jails, Amnesty International said on Thursday.

There are no safe spaces for Palestinians in Israel

An experience of a Palestinian at an Israeli university who is automatically looked at as a suspect in the eyes of the occupation authorities.

Palestinians live in caves as Israel destroys their homes

In this story, the writer describes the misery of the life of the Palestinians whom the Israeli occupation razed their homes turned to live in caves.

Trump says so much without saying anything

The writer criticises the American President Donald Trump for blaming the lack of peace between the Israelis and Palestinians on the Palestinians themselves.

Torture: as described by interrogators themselves

Israeli journalist wrote for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz about the illegal harsh persecution of Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails.

Kill Palestinians, they are fair game

The Israeli writer exposes Israeli apartheid regime throughout revealing savage Israeli crimes against Palestinians and such crimes do not happen if the subject is an Israeli Jew.

Israeli Navy continues chasing fishermen in Gaza, report says

Israeli gunboats chased and opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats on Monday January 16, kidnapped five fishermen, confiscated two fishing boats in two separate incidents.

Why no ‘Je Suis Mohamed’?

The writer just wondering why there were no official, non-official sympathy with Palestinian youth murdered by Israeli forces before eyes of his mother.

Report: 7,000 Palestinians held in Israeli jails

The writer explain how the Israeli authorities deal with the Palestinians just as numbers and have illogical reasons to keep them in jails.

Is Egypt really facilitating the siege on Gaza?!

Egypt has recently increased the days of opening the Rafah Crossing with the Gaza Strip, is it facilitating the siege or there is it carrying out certain agendas?

UNSC resolution on Israeli settlement, victory or defeat?!

The latest UN Security Council resolution about the illegal Israeli settlement in the Palestinian territories is not more than a trick.

Israeli rabbis launch war on Christmas tree

Senior Israeli Jewish rabbis have announced war on Christmas tree during the season of Christian holidays.

Israel degrades Palestinians to secure settlers’ celebrations

Israeli occupation forces take over Palestinian homes in Al-Khalil’s Old City in the south of occupied West Bank to secure settlers’ Sabbath celebrations.

Israel is keen to evict Palestinians of Acre

Palestinians of the Old City of Acre in northern Israel face continuous, intensifying struggle against Israeli displacement plans.

Palestinian child speaks out about Israeli torture

A nine-year-old Palestinian child speaks about how Israeli occupation soldiers kidnapped him, beat him, interrogated and tortured him.

Deported from Palestine: Why Israel fears journalists

Last September, the UN Human Rights Council called for international action to curb what it described “an Israeli campaign to evict international workers.”

HRW: Arabs face imminent displacement in Israel

Israeli occupation authorities should revoke plans to forcibly displace Arab residents from the Negev village of Umm al-Hiran, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said.


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