Sun. Feb 17 2019


How Israel is 'cleansing' Palestinians from Greater Jerusalem

Israel is putting in place the final pieces of a Greater Jewish Jerusalem that will require “ethnically cleansing” tens of thousands of Palestinians from a city their families have lived and worked in for generations.

Rafah crossing and the impossibility of leaving Gaza

After three days of an exceptional opening of Gaza's only gate to the outside world, the Rafah border crossing, Palestinians are again locked up behind the giant concrete walls of the blockade.

The colour-coded Israeli ID system for Palestinians

As Israel expanded its control and occupation over four territories in the aftermath of the Six Day War, it devised a system of population control that remains in place five decades later.

manal tamimi

How to be a Palestinian supermom

Manal Tamimi has been going to these protests for as long as she can remember. To her, to be a Palestinian parent is to be an activist. It is impossible to separate the two roles.

Revealed: Theresa May knew of Priti Patel secret meeting but she was told to hide it

The Jewish Chronicle just revealed that Number 10 WAS aware of Priti Patel’s extra meeting with an Israeli minister – but she was told to keep them quiet.

Palestinian refugee: 'Britain is responsible for my tragedy'

A Palestinian refugee narrates the story of his suffering caused by the Israeli occupation, which is the result of the British promise to create a national state for Jews in Palestine.

How Israel engages in 'water apartheid'

World Health Organisation says that an illegal Israeli settler in West Bank consumes three times more water than a legal Palestinian resident.

Expansion of Gaza fishing zone 'pointless PR stunt'

For the 4,000 registered fishermen in the besieged Gaza Strip, a proposed Israeli plan to let them temporarily fish farther out from shore is "far from enough".

Palestinian human rights activists Issa Amro and Farid al-Atrash.

Israel transports peaceful Palestinian activists in coffins

Two Palestinian human rights activists from the occupied West Bank city of Al-Khalil are talking about the apartheid Israeli occupation measures against them.

Gaza: Children suffer from war trauma three years on

As Gaza marks three years since the Israeli assault that devastated the Strip and left more than 2,200 Palestinians killed, the psychological effects of the violence linger on.

'Living in Jisr al-Zarqa is like living in jail'

Here you read about an example on how the Israeli occupation surrounds a Palestinian residential area to the degree that new generations cannot have space to live in.

How Israel is disabling Palestinian teenagers

In the Dheisheh refugee camp, it is common to see Palestinian teenagers with deep scars dotting the length of their legs, while posters and murals of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces adorn the concrete walls - testaments to a disturbing reality of routine Israeli violence in the camp.

Twelve million reasons to boycott Israel

About 12 million Palestinians scattered all over the world constitute a reason for, not only boycotting Israel, but pushing it out of Palestine.

Netanyahu has lost the freedom of speech game

In an attempt to persuade the media, diplomats and academics that he was true to ban Al-Jazeera, Israeli PM foolishly took a measure that spoiled his plan.

The story of Al Araqeeb is the story of Palestine

In this piece, the writer proves that Israeli measures against small villages remained in occupied Palestine is similar to same measures taken before the occupation.

Israel is a ‘democratic state’ built on undemocratic principles

The write is comparing the claims of the Israeli officials that Israel is a democratic state with the democratic principles to see whether they are right or wrong.

Abbas, Israel pull power plug on war-torn Gaza

The writer describes exactly what is happening in the Gaza Strip and who actually standing behind this tragedy.

In Gaza, my child died before my eyes

Wisam, a 6-year-old boy, coughs harshly as his father watches over his bed. Wisam has cystic fibrosis; Gaza’s hospitals lack the enzyme treatments he needs to stay alive.

Gazans have no alternative to polluted beaches

In the peak of the roasted summer heatwave, Gazans flock to their polluted beaches in droves because they have no alternatives.


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