Wed. Oct 18 2017


After two years, Israeli offensive on Gaza in numbers

Israeli occupation launched widespread offensive on Gaza Strip in August 2014, left around 2,150 Palestinians dead and more than 11,000 injured.

NYT whitewashes abuse of Palestinian workers in Israel

Palestinians are pouring over the border from the West Bank to Israel daily, The New York Times tells us in a recent front-page story lavish with photos.

More than 80% of Jerusalemites under poverty line

Eighty-two percent of Palestinians in Occupied Jerusalem lived under poverty line in 2014, a sharp increase from previous years.

Night shifts for Gaza worker due to Israeli siege

Instead of having a break during holy month of Ramadan, Gaza workers insist to work due to the accumulated economic pressure resulted by the Israeli siege.

Israeli terrorist heads sensitive UN legal committee

The UN has approved Israeli terrorist Danny Danon, who believes in eliminating all Palestinians, head of sensitive legal committee.

Palestinians’ quasi-life

First person account of painful experience of second-generation Palestinian refugee. However, hopeful, but describes chapters of suffering sticking to all stages of Palestinian life.

Besieged holy month in Gaza

It is the 10th time that the holy month of Ramadan is received in Gaza Strip while it is under strict Israeli, internationally-backed siege.

Unbelievable Israeli racism against Palestinian women

In this feature, the writer explores the unbelievable racism and discrimination in Israeli society against Palestinian women and how this turned their life like a hell.

Altra-extremist terrorist back again in Israeli gov’t

Once again, altra-extremist right winger and representative of Israeli settlers’ extremism Avigdor Lieberman back again in Israeli government.

Gaza despair, Israeli culpability, unfit to print in NY Times

The writer comments on latest story appeared on The NY Times blaming Hamas for plight, scares of Palestinians in Gaza Strip; however, the fact is the opposite -Israel is.

The United States and Israel: ‘shared values’

This is a presidential election year in the United States, and every campaign for the presidency requires all candidates to bow down to Israel.

Apologists for Israel, touted in The New York Times

The writer is wondering why The New York Times features books of pro-Israeli authors while, at the same time, it ignores many worthy others wrote about Israel.

Ethnic cleansing in Palestine: home demolitions on the rise

The main reason why Israeli occupation demolishes Palestinian homes is to grab as much land as possible in case of a permanent solution was achieved.

Welcome to Palestine 2017, a legal imperative

Mr Hambidge encourages the Palestinian statehood bid heading to the United Nations in 2017 to go ahead despite international conspiracy against the Palestinians and their land.

Palestinians dying, Israelis ‘Vulnerable’ in The NY Times

Isabel Kershner in The New York Times reports that Israelis are suffering from “a sense of vulnerability” after a bus bombing in Jerusalem this week.

Qana massacre; perpetrator is Israeli education minister

Naftali Bennet, Israel’s minister of education was the first public official to come out in support of Elor Azaria, the Israeli soldier who executed Abdel Fatah Alsharif as he lay wounded in Hebron.

Pals remember 254 massacred by Jews in Deir Yassin

Palestinians in different places remembered on Saturday 68th anniversary of slaughtering 254 civilians in in 1948 in Palestinian village of Deir Yassin.

Gaza livestock live on cheap recycled fodder

Due to dire economic conditions Gazans have been experiencing under strict Israeli siege, they became expert of recycling everything even livestock food.

Occupation uses 85% of total area of historical Palestine

Israeli occupation uses over 85 per cent of the total area of historical Palestine while Palestinians use less than 15 per cent of their land.


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