Sun. Jun 16 2019


How the internet 'punishes' Palestinians

As governments across the globe increasingly use the internet to crack down on dissent, manipulate information and control access, the idea of the web as a space of democracy and freedom has all but withered.

Tamimi family are trying to release one of the family members, who was in cast, from the hands of a heavily armed Israeli soldier.

Tamimi: Israeli claim 'we are actors is madness and stupidity'

Israeli occupation officials claimed that Al-Tamimi family was not real in order to justify violence and oppression against the family members, including the 16-year-old brave girl –Ahed Tamimi.

Gazans cannot cope with ‘unprecedented’ economic crisis

Since October 2017, the knot around the neck of Gaza Strip has been tightening due to the strict Israeli-Egyptian siege and the punitive measures imposed by PA, leading Gaza to an inevitable economic collapse.

I am American, Jewish and banned from Israel for my activism

This month, Israel announced that activists affiliated with 20 organisations, including mine Codepink, would be banned from entering Israel and occupied Palestinian territories because of our support for the BDS.

'They wanted to kill him': Israeli rubber-coated bullets target children

Israeli occupation forces shot and seriously wounded little Palestinian boy in the head just after looking at them from behind a very close wall.

Ahmad Tibi: No deal for Palestine under Donald Trump

Ahmad Tibi, a prominent Arab member of Israel's Parliament, said a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict under US President Donald Trump would be impossible.

Israel's new death penalty bill 'targets Palestinians'

The Israeli government's proposal to make it easier for judges to hand out the death penalty for "terrorist activity" has been condemned as "fascist" by Palestinian politicians and rights groups.

'Devastating': Israeli tear gas' effect on Palestinians

A Palestinian refugee camp in the occupied West Bank may be the most exposed place to tear gas in the world, according to the author of a new study.

Israeli abuse against Palestinian children rises: report says

Newly issued report said that seven Palestinian minors had been critically wounded in addition to hundreds of others lightly wounded or abducted since 6 December -Trump’s move on Jerusalem.

Double amputee shot dead by Israel was an inspiration in Gaza

Israeli occupation forces took off both legs of Abu-Thurayya in a drone attack in 2008 offensive on Gaza and in 2017, they took his life.

Guest Writer: Healthcare in Gaza: Is there any hope left?

Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, who have been under strict Israeli blockade for 11 years, are suffering of the severe lack of all basic needs with healthcare on top of them.

Europe, wake up and smell the coffee

As usual, EU officials are going to listen to Netanyahu’s lessons about democracy and freedom and they will not ask him about his war on democracy and freedoms of the Palestinians -the people he occupies their land.

How Israel occupies education in East Jerusalem

As part of Israel’s attempt to claim occupied East Jerusalem part of its capital, it started to imposed Israeli curriculum on Palestinian schools.

'Smuggled' child meets father in Israeli jail

Whenever someone asked Majd where his father was, he would run to the sitting room and point to a poster hung on the wall.

How Israel is 'cleansing' Palestinians from Greater Jerusalem

Israel is putting in place the final pieces of a Greater Jewish Jerusalem that will require “ethnically cleansing” tens of thousands of Palestinians from a city their families have lived and worked in for generations.

Rafah crossing and the impossibility of leaving Gaza

After three days of an exceptional opening of Gaza's only gate to the outside world, the Rafah border crossing, Palestinians are again locked up behind the giant concrete walls of the blockade.

The colour-coded Israeli ID system for Palestinians

As Israel expanded its control and occupation over four territories in the aftermath of the Six Day War, it devised a system of population control that remains in place five decades later.

manal tamimi

How to be a Palestinian supermom

Manal Tamimi has been going to these protests for as long as she can remember. To her, to be a Palestinian parent is to be an activist. It is impossible to separate the two roles.

Revealed: Theresa May knew of Priti Patel secret meeting but she was told to hide it

The Jewish Chronicle just revealed that Number 10 WAS aware of Priti Patel’s extra meeting with an Israeli minister – but she was told to keep them quiet.


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