Sun. Jun 16 2019


'Life is all about trying': Disabled Palestinians defy challenges

Some laughed at him, others told him that he wouldn't succeed. But with a strong will and positive attitude, Abdulrahman Abu Rawaa proved them wrong.

Gazans’ injuries risk permanently shattering lives

A slow-motion healthcare emergency is unfolding in Gaza as the cumulative needs of patients shot by the Israeli army and seriously injured during protests mount.

Bottle cap jackets and chocolate wrapper dresses: Palestinian fashion goes green

Rather than having their creations in the pages of high-end fashion magazines such as Vogue, some Palestinian designers are incorporating these very pages into their designs.

‘I did nothing to harm Israel,’ says child shot by sniper. ‘I only raised the flag’

Fourteen-year-old Palestinian child from Gaza mourns his lost chance to get a football after the Israeli occupation snipers shot and amputated his leg after raising Palestine flag during a peaceful protest in Gaza.

How can Gaza's contaminated water catastrophe be solved?

Since the 2014 war, Mousa Hillah, known to neighbours and family as Abu Ali, has had far bigger worries, which are etched deeply into the exhausted face of the 48-year-old grandfather.

Stolen childhoods: Gaza's injured children struggle to complete education

Children shot by Israeli forces during protests of the Great March of Return find it difficult to go back to school and continue their education due to their injuries.

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters takes on Israel in Us + Them tour

During his latest Us + Them tour in South America, the British rock star stands against Israel as part of a campaign launched by the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement.

Gaza's drinking water spurs blue baby syndrome, serious illnesses

Water contamination threatens the life of the Palestinian inhabitants of the Gaza Strip, who have been living under a strict Israeli siege for more than a decade.

UNRWA cuts: The 'slow death' of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

‘By the end of September, UNRWA will no longer have a penny, including for schools and medical centres,’ Chris Guiness, UNRWA spokesperson, says.

State of Palestine faces eradication as village of 200 awaits demolition

A village of roughly 200 people in the state of Palestine may be demolished as US support of Israel intensifies, but European nations launch fierce criticism.

Shattered limbs, broken dreams: Life for Gaza athletes after surviving Israeli bullets

When Raed Jadallah rode the waves of the Mediterranean sea on his surfboard, he was able to transcend the limitations placed on his life forced upon him as he is Palestinian lives in besieged Gaza Strip.

Gaza: Meet the Palestinian doctor who watched his son die

In the 22 years of Sari al-Shobaki’s life, his father rescued him from death seven times, but the eighth time, when he was shot by the Israeli occupied snipers, he failed.

Palestinian father wonders why Israeli forces had to kill his 14-year-old son

Amira Hass For Arkan Muzhir’s 15th birthday on August 20, his father Thaer planned to buy him a phone. The elder Muzhir uses the Hebrew word for cellphone, pelefon. But four weeks

Ahed Tamimi: 'I am a freedom fighter. I will not be the victim'

The teenage Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi has said she used her eight months in prison as an opportunity to study international law and hopes to one day lead cases against Israel in international courts.

'Apartheid, formalised': Palestinians to fight Jewish state law

Palestinian citizens of Israel are planning a series of actions, including a general strike and international campaigning, in a bid to cancel a controversial law that defines the country exclusively as “the nation-state of the Jewish people.”

Residents mourn Palestinian youth killed in 'cold blood'

The night before 15-year-old Arkan Mizhar was killed by Israeli forces, he kept unusually repeating to his father Thaer how much he loved him as if he sensed that he would not live another day.

Probe: Israeli forces 'deliberately killed' Palestinian paramedic Razan

An investigation conducted by Israeli human rights organisation B'Tselem has concluded that Israeli security forces deliberately shot and killed Palestinian paramedics Razan al-Najjar.

The two boys took selfie together days before they were killed by the Israeli occupation forces using the US-made F-35 fighter jets.

'Like twins': Gaza mourns teenage boys killed in Israeli air raid

Two Palestinian boys lived together and spend much of their life together. They did not know that they were going to die together when they decided to go to have fun at Al-Katiba Park on Saturday.

Foreign residents in Palestinian territories denied visa renewals

West Bank, Palestine - Four suitcases, memories of 35 years and a hope to meet friends again, in Palestine, are what US citizens Roger Heacock and Laura Wick are leaving Ramallah with.


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