Fri. Feb 22 2019


Report: 90% of Palestinian journalists subjected to work-related violations

The Palestinian Centre for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) announced said on Wednesday that 90 per cent of the Palestinian journalists had been abused by Israeli occupation.

Israeli MK: Ahed Tamimi 'should have gotten bullet, at Least in Knee'

Ahed Tamimi, Palestinian teenager famed for slapping an Israeli soldier on camera, should have been shot, at least in the knee, Deputy Knesset Speaker Bezalel Smotrich wrote on Twitter Saturday.

Israeli Mossad assassinates youth Palestinian scholar in Malaysia

Israeli occupation Mossad assassinated on Saturday at dawn the young Palestinian scholar Fadi al-Batch, while he was heading to perform the Dawn Prayer in a nearby mosque in Kuala Lumpur.

UN calls for Israel to stop expelling Palestinians from Jerusalem

Senior UN officials called on Wednesday for Israeli occupation to halt expelling Palestinian refugees from their residence in occupied Jerusalem, a UN report said.

Israeli army clears sniper filmed shooting unarmed Palestinian

An Israeli sniper who shot a Palestinian on the border with Gaza has been cleared of wrongdoing by a military inquiry, but those who filmed him and cheered at his shot are to be disciplined.

Israeli officials commend soldier filmed cheering after sniping Palestinian boy

Several Israeli ministers and Knesset Members praised Israeli sniper, who cheered after shooting unarmed Palestinian boy near Gaza borders.

Watch: Israeli soldiers cheer as they shoot motionless Palestinian

Video taken by Israeli soldiers of shooting a Palestinian who is just standing still, then the soldiers laugh about it.

B’Tselem to be probed for urging Israeli soldiers not kill Gaza protesters

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Liberman asked Israeli Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit to investigate rights group B’Tselem for asking Israeli soldiers not to kill Gaza protesters.

Israeli defence minister recognises murdering Gaza journalist

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman recognised on Sunday that his soldiers premeditatedly targeted Palestinian journalist Yasser Murtaja while covering peaceful march in Gaza.

Israel cannot control Palestinians without war crimes, Israeli rights group says

Director of the Israeli Human Centre for Human Rights in Palestinian Territories Hagai El-Ad has said that Israel is unable to control millions of Palestinian without committing war crimes.

Israel’s child detention up by 13% in 12 months

Israeli detention of Palestinian children has risen by 13 per cent since February 2017, Military Court Watch reported on Friday.

Ahed Tamimi’s lawyer accuses interrogators of sexual harassment

Israeli lawyer Gaby Lasky, who is defending Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi, has accused Israeli investigators of sexual harassment against the little girl.

HRW blames Israel for killing unarmed demos in Gaza

Human Rights Watch blamed responsibility for killing, wounding unarmed Palestinian demonstrators on Israeli officials, who called for using live ammunition against them, a statement said on Tuesday.

Israeli-Arab MK: Israel shows contempt of Palestinian life

Israelis see Palestinian life as cheap and any form of Palestinian protest as “illegitimate,” the head of the Joint Arab List party in the Israeli Knesset said on Monday.


Israeli occupation forces detain 3-year-old Palestinian boy in Al-Khalil

Israeli occupation forces tried to arrest a three-year-old Palestinian child who was playing outside his home in the occupied West bank city of Hebron, a video posted online has shown.

Israel soldiers killed unarmed Palestinian boy could be acquitted

Two Israeli soldiers who killed an unarmed Palestinian boy in 2013 could be acquitted, Israeli newspaper Haaretz revealed on Wednesday.

Israel cop beat Palestinian minor to force confession

Israeli police detective “has been charged with beating a Palestinian minor to get him to confess to throwing rocks at cars driven by Israelis,” reported Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Israeli forces fire tear gas at primary school in Jerusalem

Israeli occupation forces fired tear gas at Anata Primary School in the occupied city of Jerusalem on Monday morning, harming most of the students and teachers inside the school.

Video: Israeli forces fire grenade at couple holding infant

Footage released by an Israeli rights group showed Israeli soldiers firing a stun grenade at a Palestinian couple carrying a baby, Anadolu Agency reports.


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