Wed. Aug 22 2018


Israel prevents most of Gaza residents from travelling for treatment

Israel occupation government decided on Monday to prevent most of Gaza residents from leaving the besieged enclave for treatment.

New Israel bill to ban ministers from taking part in BDS activities

Chairman of the Knesset House Committee Yoav Kish proposed a bill that prevents BDS movements from financing trips made by Members of the Knesset abroad.

Israel NGO: Israel killed 8 unarmed Palestinians in Gaza

Israeli occupation forces killed eight unarmed Palestinians, who did not pose any danger, during demonstrations along the Gaza border, Israeli NGO B’Tselem has revealed.

Israeli minister: ‘I haven’t heard news about deaths in Gaza for months’

Israeli Minister of Agriculture Ori Ariel said on Wednesday that he did not have heard news about deaths in Israeli strikes in Gaza Strip.

Rights group: Israel killed 15 Palestinian children in 2017

Israeli occupation forces killed 15 Palestinian children in besieged Gaza Strip, occupied West Bank and Jerusalem in 2017, Defence for Children International-Palestine revealed on Tuesday.

Report: Israelis are not convicted for assaults on Palestinians

Israeli human rights report has revealed that the majority of Israelis are not convicted of attacks they commit against Palestinians or Palestinian property in the occupied territories.

Israel Police: We killed more than 200 Palestinians since end of 2015

Israeli occupation police said that it killed 201 Palestinians between September 2015 and 7 January 2018, Quds Press reported on Sunday.

Israeli driver runs over Palestinian, kills him in West Bank

Israeli bus driver ran over Palestinian man on Thursday in West Bank city of Al-Khalil, leaving him dead, eyewitnesses and medical sources said.

Israel approves first reading of death penalty for Palestinian prisoners

The Israeli Knesset approved on Wednesday first reading of death penalty bill, which would allow Israel to execute Palestinian prisoners accused of taking part in “operations against Israeli target.”

Israel approves law prevents ceding power over occupied Jerusalem

Israeli Knesset approved on Monday night the second and third readings of the so-called “United Jerusalem Bill,” which takes occupied Jerusalem from any future deal with Palestinians.

Israel seized 2,500 acres of Palestinian land in 2017

Israel has seized around 2,500 acres of Palestinian land, destroyed 500 buildings and constructed eight new Jewish settlements in 2017, Palestine's Land Research Centre has said.

Israeli interrogation tactics lead to false confessions, Israeli court says

An Israel judge ripped into the Shin Bet, an Israeli intelligence service, for its interrogation tactics, saying they could lead people to confess crimes they did not commit.

Rabbi: Israeli settlement incubates worst violence against Palestinians

Toxic environment of radical Israeli settlements incubates violence, while Israeli occupation forces has miserable record of bringing those who attack Palestinians to justice, Rabbi Arik Ascherman said.

Israeli MK insults mothers of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails

Extremist Israeli Jewish MK Oren Hazan insulted on Monday Palestinian mothers during their way to visit their prisoners inside Israeli prisons.

Israeli journalist calls for raping Palestinian minor female prisoner

Prominent Israeli journalist called for raping the Palestinian minor female prisoner inside Israeli jails Ahed al-Tamimi, 16, over slapping an Israeli soldier who shot her 15-year-old cousin in the head.

Israeli killed 12 Palestinians, injured 666 others since Trump’s Jerusalem move

Israeli occupation forces have killed 12 Palestinian protesters and injured 666 others in occupied Palestinian territories since US President Donald Trump’s move on Jerusalem.

Israeli Knesset head to promote bill considering Arabs second-class citizens

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has tasked Head of the Israeli Knesset David Amsalem to promote the nationality bill, which considers Arabs as second-class citizens.

Israel finds no wrongdoing in murdering double-amputee Palestinians

An investigation by the Israeli military into the murder of double-amputee Palestinian said on Monday it found “no moral or professional failures” in the incident.

Palestinian stoned settler convicted of murder, settler killed Palestinian acquitted

Israeli military prosecution filed indictment on Monday against Mohammed Wadi, Palestinian from Nablus, accusing him of attempting to murder extremist Jewish settler.


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