Wed. Oct 18 2017


Israelis murdered 107 Palestinians in 2016

Israeli occupation forces murdered in 2016 107 Palestinians, including 31 minors in occupied West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza Strip.

Israeli forces murder Palestinian youths in West Bank

Israeli occupation forces shot dead Palestinian driver near illegal Israeli settlement in West Bank after his car collided with back of Israeli bus.

Netanyahu: killing Gaza kids in 2014 was ‘necessary’

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that 2014 Israeli offensive on Gaza, where around 600 children killed, was “necessary.”

Israel may execute Palestinian prisoners

Israel may accept call for executing Palestinian prisoners made by Israeli minister of intelligence and communications.

Israel threatens to launch new offensive on Gaza

Israeli minister threatened on Sunday Israel is to launch new offensive on Gaza in summer when Israeli massive barrier on Gaza borders is completed.

Palestinian worker stabbed in Tel-Aviv

Palestinian worker, 41, was stabbed on Monday at night in the Tel-Aviv after reports of clashes with group of Israelis, Arab sources inside Israel said.

Israel tightens its 10-year-old siege on Gaza

Israeli occupation authorities have tightened the more than decade-long Israeli siege on Gaza Strip, cancelled 100s of merchants’ travel permits.

Israeli hate crimes against Palestinians on the rise

Hate crimes carried out by illegal Jewish settlers in occupied West Bank against Palestinians have been on the rise, rights group revealed.

Deir Yassin, Palestinian village erased by Zio-Nazi gangs

Deir Yassin, in the outskirts of Jerusalem, lived peacefully before April 9, 1948, when Zio-Nazi gang raided it, killed half of its residents, displaced the rest.

Israeli soldier died in car accident in West Bank

Palestinian car collided on Thursday morning near illegal Israeli settlement of Ofra in the occupied West Bank, caused death of an Israeli soldier, wounded another.

Israel sprays poisonous chemicals along Gaza border

Israeli aircraft sprayed chemicals on Tuesday that destroyed vegetables and trees along borders with Gaza Strip, which has been under tight Israeli siege for 10 years.

Palestinian minors face physical violence by Israeli forces

Most of Palestinian minors arrested by Israel occupation forces face “physical violence” when they are arrested by Israeli forces, Israeli newspaper Haaretz said on Sunday.

Israeli system plants propaganda on social media

The Israeli government has purchased software system enabling it to monitor social media in general and specific users to plan ideas in online discourse.

Israeli agents assassinate Palestinian freed prisoner

Israeli occupation agents assassinated on Friday evening Palestinian freed prisoner Mazen Fuqahaa near his house in Gaza Strip.

Israeli forces murder 2 Palestinians, wound 2 others

Israeli occupation forces murdered two Palestinian youths, wounded two others near Jalazoun Refugee Camp, north of West Bank city of Ramallah.

Palestinian killed, others wounded in Israeli attack

Palestinian was killed and two others were wounded on Wednesday night in an Israeli tank shell attack at a group of youth in southern Gaza city of Rafah.

Two Jews savagely beat Arab taxi driver in Israel

Two Jewish men savagely hit on Thursday at dawn Arab taxi driver with glass bottles, leaving him with severe face and head injuries.

Israeli gov’t to accelerate demolition of Arabs’ homes

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered acceleration of demolition of Arab homes in Israel, Israeli rights group revealed earlier this week.

HRW: Israel detains Gaza residents under ‘vague’ terms

Israeli occupation authorities arrest Gaza residents under vague terms, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said, describing them “violation of rights.”


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