Sat. Feb 17 2018


Haaretz: 20 Gaza patients died waiting for Israel exit permits

Since the start of this year, 20 Palestinian patients from the Gaza Strip died due to an Israeli ban on their travel, Israeli newspaper Haaretz has revealed.

Israel sentences 3 Palestinians to life in prison

An Israeli court issued four life sentences with an additional 60 years of prison, and a NIS2,572,000 ($734,563) fine against three Palestinians over an alleged prison attack.

Israel blocks Arabs from living in 1,000 neighbourhoods

Israel occupation has been blocking its Arab citizens from living in almost 1,000 neighbourhoods and villages under the pretext they were built for Jews only.

Israeli occupation army imposes ‘draconian restrictions’ on Nablus residents

Israeli occupation forces are routinely “imposing draconian restrictions” on Palestinian residents of Balata refugee camp in Nablus, in order to protect Jewish worshippers visiting Joseph’s Tomb.

Former Israeli minister ‘proud’ of killing most Palestinians

Former Israeli defence minister has said he is “proud” of killing the most Palestinians, Safa news agency reported on Sunday.

Israel arrests 280 Palestinians for Facebook posts

The Israeli occupation authorities have arrested 280 Palestinians since the start of the Quds Uprising in October 2015 for posts or likes on social media, the PLO’s said on Sunday.

‘Israel judiciary protecting perpetrators of crimes against Palestinians’

Rights group has accused the Israeli judiciary of protecting Israeli soldiers and settlers who commit crimes against Palestinians.

Rabbi calls for ‘finishing off’ wounded Palestinians

Jewish rabbi has urged Israeli occupation forces to “finish off” wounded Palestinians by not providing them medical treatment or first aid, leaving them to bleed to death after shooting them.

Israel killed 14 Palestinian children in 2017

Israeli occupation forces have killed 14 Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza Strip since the start of 2017.

Up to 77% of Palestinian children abducted by Israel were blindfolded

Military Court Watch (MCW) said on Friday that up to 77 per cent of the Palestinian children abducted by Israeli occupation forces in 2017 were blindfolded.

Israel ‘legalises’ confiscating private Palestinian land for settlement projects

Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced on Wednesday that confiscating privately-owned Palestinian land for settlements is “legal,” Israeli Ynet News reported.

Israel to move Palestinian prisoners to ‘tents’ due to overcrowding

Israeli occupation is to move number of Palestinian prisoners from prison cells to tents, Israeli media revealed, citing bill proposed by the Israeli Minister of Internal Security Gilad Erdan.

Israeli violations on Palestinian media freedoms hit record in October

Palestinian media rights group monitored 27 Israeli violations against Palestinian media freedoms in the occupied Palestinian territory during October.

Israel condemned for using bodies as 'bargaining chips'

Human rights groups have condemned Israeli decision to withhold bodies of five Palestinians who were killed in an Israeli attack on a tunnel dug under the Gaza-Israel border last week.

Israeli soldiers assault, take 'selfie' with wounded Palestinian detainees

A number of Israeli occupation soldiers attacked, wounded and abducted two Palestinian brothers and took selfie with them, Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs said Tuesday.

Calls on Rivlin to pardon soldier who murders wounded Palestinian

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman urged on Sunday Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to pardon Israeli soldier Elor Azaria, who shot dead wounded Palestinian youth in Al-Khalil last year.

Palestinian prisoner gets '10 minutes' to see dying son

Palestinian political prisoner was given "10 minutes" to visit his terminally ill teenage son, according to his family.

Palestinian driver killed near West Bank settlement ‘not terrorist’

Israeli occupation army recognised on Wednesday that the Palestinian driver who was killed by Israeli soldiers near illegal West Bank settlement of Halamish on Tuesday was not terrorist.

Israel MK: Palestinians’ ‘liability’ is that ‘they weren’t born Jews’

An Israeli parliamentarian has expressed his support for formal apartheid, backing annexation of entire West Bank but without its Palestinian inhabitants being granted right to vote.


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